Calendar of Events

No matter what the season, there is always something going on in the City of Holland. Keeping our residents informed of scheduled events and local happenings is important. 

Know of an upcoming event that we need to add? Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to add it for you.

Upcoming Events

City Council Meetings

Begins: 11/28/2022 - 6:00 PM
Ends: 11/30/2024 - Until all business is complete

Our City Council meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every month.  Meetings are held 503 Crockett Street.  The Public is welcome to attend.

Hunter's Education Classroom Course

Begins: 12/3/2022 - 9:00AM
Ends: 12/3/2022 - 3:00PM

Hunter's Education Classroom Course 12/03/2022 (1437080)

There will be a Hunter Education Class taught here in Holland by Chief Newsom.

The class has a limited number of seats and is open to those 9 years old or older who have not yet had the Texas Hunters Education class.

You will click the link above and follow the directions on the Texas Parks and Wildlife page to register.

Any questions about this class can be asked directly to myself with all my contact information on the website.

There are no extra fees on this class! I am donating my time and our friends at the Heathy Hornet, Feral Texas Outdoors and the Coffee Trough are donating the room! I also hear for those attending there may be some sought after door prizes to be won!

Hope to see a full class and look forward to teaching gun safety and hunter education!