Municipal Development District Advisory Board


The MDD’s mission is to approve funding for economic development, retention and improvement of the District, and for improvement of short and long term property values. 


The Board shall consist of five (5) Directors, each of whom shall be appointed by the City Council of the City. Each of the Directors shall be a resident of the City of Holland or a resident of the City of Holland's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction 


Each member of the Board shall be appointed and serve two (2) years staggered terms. (Local Government Code Section 377.051 (c))


The Board meets four (4) times a year.

The President, or upon the President’s incapacity, the Vice-President, may call special meetings of the Board of Directors at such time as may be required with Approval of the Mayor.

Board of Directors

Damon Harris- President  (term 2024-2026)

Dale Rendon - Vice President (term 2024-2026)

Jake Arnold- Treasurer  (term 2024-2025)

Anita Tubbs- Secretary  (term 2024-2026)

Oscar Perez - Board Member  (term 2024-2025)

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